Artstation Store

General / 24 May 2018

I have moved my kits over to the Artstation store, check it out! My spaceship kit has been purchased over 150 times so far on Gumroad which is super cool, glad to know people are liking and using the kit. Also check out the marketplace for other cool stuff people are selling.

Full break downs of the kits are here

Kitbash Kit - Other Artists Cool Work

General / 13 May 2018

I have noticed over time artists have been posting work that uses elements of my Kit and its very awesome to see what people have come up with! I thought I would share some love for some of the work.

My Kit can be found on my Gumroad here, look forward to one people come up with in the future.







Avengers: Infinity War - Article

General / 09 May 2018

an article on the work we did on Avengers with a really cool shot of the section of the Dyson Sphere I modelled, part of Nidaviller

I also modelled Groots game ha

Solo - Environment Shot

General / 28 April 2018

ohhh that upload compression plus motion Blur. Environment I worked on in the new trailer

I worked on the modular components for this environment, It was a large team effort between the assets and the Gen team.

Solo: A Star Wars Story - Trailer

General / 09 April 2018

New Solo trailer! never thought I would work on not one but two Star Wars films

Mandelbulb 3D

General / 27 March 2018
I was briefly playing around with Mandelbulb, seems pretty crazy. Does anyone use this that often? is it quite useful or more of an experimental gimmick? Not very user friendly

Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Bunker Buster

General / 23 March 2018
I dont know who did this, but i did a google search for "Star Wars Bunker Buster" and came across this image where someone apparently extracted the game model from battlefront and rendered it. Its really cool people can see the level of detail in the model that unfortunately you never really see in the film. All the paneling etc is modelled.

Article - Approaching an Asset for High End Film Production

General / 12 March 2018

A while ago i wrote a pretty in depth article for CG society about working as a modeller in the film vfx industry. A lot of people following me seem to want to go the production route so I would suggest giving the article a read. I am pretty to the point about the reality of working in VFX, especially about how this is a Job and not always sunshine and rainbows.

"This article is for people thinking of pursuing a career in VFX, or who are just starting out. I will not be talking about making a model itself, but rather about something just as important, if not more: how to approach the task and all of the factors to consider during the process. I will be breaking down and covering the following:

  • Know how your asset will be used
  • Gather elements and prep the scene
  • Model correctly and Efficiently
  • Get feedback consistently
  • This is Production, not Personal
  • Clean Up
  • Hand off and following the work"

Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Deleted Hangar scene.

General / 11 March 2018

Deleted scene from Star Wars The Last Jedi. Here you can see the low poly proxy models we usually push out first while working in vfx and replace later with updated models. This is so other departments like layout and animation can start working while we make the assets on a film. I prefer this version to be honest

Star Wars: The Last Jedi - BBC Breakdown with Ben Morris

General / 01 March 2018

BBC uploaded a VFX break down by our overall VFX Supervisor on the movie in London, Ben Morris. Brief new breakdown of the Hangar we worked on at 3:33