Guardians of the Galaxy

Client : Marvel / Disney

Studio : MPC (Moving Picture Company)

Time on Project : August 2013 – June 2014

Modelling Tasks:

– Rockets Warbird ( start – finish, redesign )

– Yondu’s Ravager ( start – finish replacing 2/3 Milano Base, Debris )

– 5 Seat Ravager ( start – finish replacing 2/3 Milano Base )

– 2 Seat Ravager  ( start – finish, redesign )

– Starblaster (Cockpit redesign )

– Eclector ( Closeup Bridge remodel, Docking bay, Light GEO, ravager construction launch concepting)

– Dark Aster Bridge and Underbelly ( FX Destruction Mesh )

– Milano (Door, Damage, flaps and refinements )

– Necrocraft ( cockpit update, Down rez for lodC )

– Ravager Construction ( Detailing)

– Nova Building Entrance ( refinement)

– Ronans Cosmic Rod ( outer shell)






Rockets Warbird

I was the main modeller on Rocket’s Warbird. I was provided with orthographic concept art and took the model all the way to the end with small sections done by other artists.There were dramatic design changes after completion and I had to redesign the bottom of the craft and also create a gimble mechanism in the wings to support the new locations of the engines. I laid out the UVs, created the hierarchy and released into the MPC pipeline.






5 Seat Ravager

I was provided with a half finished Milano and tasked with creating the 5 seater ravager. I replaced 2/3 of the Milano pieces with the new Ravager pieces based on the orthographic concept art we received from the client. As the Milano was still being worked on I had to constantly shuffle in the new Milano pieces and we created a script to delete all the conflicting pieces so we could update the Ravagers with ease.


Yondu’s Ravager

After Ravagers were created I modelled a variation for Yondu with 2 extra large guns mounted on the main body and alternate guns on top.


2 Seat Ravager

When Rocket’s Warbird was complete, the client wanted to create a 2 seat Ravager variation based on Rocket’s ship. I stripped away the large guns and downsized some other parts to create the new ship.The guns I built on Yondu’s Ravager were reused on the 2 seat variation.







I was tasked with doing the fuselage redesign to fit around the new, much larger onset scan of the new cockpit interior. I had to double the size of the fuselage to fit in the new cockpit interior, yet still keep the sleek iconic Starblaster look of the first fuselage. It was completed including UVs, hierarchy, material tags and into the MPC pipeline in one week.







I was given the Eclector to look after when most of the ship was already modelled by another artist. I worked with the look dev artist to place over 40 different material tags on the ship to give the artist the control he desired, and I placed all of the light GEO around the ship.

A series of new shots came in right in front of the bridge, so the area wasn’t going to hold up. I rebuilt a separate hero asset of the bridge area to be used based on the original, but also had to design a casing to enclose the new bridge scan that came from on set.

I received the docking bay from other artists and removed areas that weren’t being seen and optimized it.







Extra flaps were needed in the main body above the cockpit so I altered some of the panels preserving UVs and grouping them into different flaps. I had to add the pistons into little compartments and add greebles for detail.

The original Milano door was cut by another artist and I had to refine it.There was a problem with the matchmove, I had to position the Milano myself and line it up with the shot camera. I also built the interior rim inside the door and part of the scan set for shadow casting.

For the damaged hull i duplicated the area that was going to be effected, grouped it and added it to the main release so it could be swapped out when needed. I bent the panels back while preserving UVs and created the damaged piping inside of the hole.




Ravager Construction

Most of the Ravager Construction was built by another artist. I modelled the front small engines and their casing as well as the engines underneath and their casing. I added a lot of the greebles on the side and back of the ship’s main body.




Dark Aster Flight Deck

I had to recreate the flight deck that Rocket’s Warbird would crash into for FX. I was provided with on set scans and the environment build. I had to recreate an exact match of the environment as ‘Kali compliant’, so Fx artists could smash it using the in house destruction tool Kali. I had to create all of the Geo water tight without any self intersections. Once the model was finished I divided the scene up into 16 different model packages so Fx could import and isolate areas they wanted to work on.





The front cockpit was redesigned and rebuilt by another artist. My task was to connect the new cockpit to the original body while preserving UVs as much as possible as it had already been textured.

I was given the final model to down rez the poly count to LOD C for use by crowd.



Nova Building Entrance

Another artist blocked out the very  basic shapes of the entrance and i made refinements to the existing geo, adding client changes and adding extra details.



Cosmic Rod

A lot of artists were placed on this as it was one of the final assets. I was given a section of the outer shell of the original rod to retopologize the segments created by another artist. I had to give the segment thickness and also preserve the existing UVs as it had already been textured.