Spaceship A Day 2017/11/25 -2017/12/03

I wanted to challenge myself in just opening Maya with no pre planning and just try make up a spaceship concept on the fly in exactly 1 hour. The reason i wanted to try this was so I could make better and faster decisions on the fly under pressure and know what sorts of shapes are more likely to work. These are the first 9 so far of hopefully many more to come. I recorded the process of 005 if anyone wants to see how i go from Maya to Keyshot to Photoshop.

Andrew hodgson ship009
Andrew hodgson ship008
Andrew hodgson aircraft007
Andrew hodgson aircraft006
Andrew hodgson spaceship005
Andrew hodgson drone4
Andrew hodgson drone3
Andrew hodgson spaceship002
Andrew hodgson spaceship001

Ship005 2017-11-29 Timelapse