General / 16 May 2020

Professional Folio Reviews on Twitch

So I was thinking of trying something on my Sunday stream where I invite a colleague from the Industry to come on to the stream and review folios with me. Since I only model I thought it would be good to bring people focused on other disciplines that can help with the texture / look dev/ lighting side etc

  This weekend I was planning on bringing on my Friend David Skorepa, currently at ILM who textured pretty much half of the things I ever modelled and is one of the best texture artists I know. 10 years of experience in the top studios working on Star Wars, Transformers, Jurassic World to name a few so he is quite experienced in all elements of texture and look dev. A professionals time isn't free so I was thinking a $5 donation for the folio review was fair to bring David on for an hour or Two. $5 isn't really much for getting honest feedback from a professional or 2 in the industry and full disclaimer, It will be an honest review. Of course for the good of the person submitting so dont take it personally.

 As for what type of work we were thinking of reviewing. At first we are mainly thinking of reviewing people that already have an understanding of modelling and texturing. This wouldn't be about teaching the basics. it would be more focused on people preparing their folios to enter the industry and need an honest opinion of where they stand. We would either look at demo reels, websites or artstation pages.

 This will be the first time I try this so we will see how it goes. To  justify bringing David on at all I am just reaching out to see if people are really interested in the Idea. The stream would take place on Sunday 12:00 PDT to accommodate both EU and US viewers. If people wanted to reserve a spot at the top of the list by donating early we could discuss on my Saturday stream. Swing by tomorrow to ask questions if you want.