General / 10 July 2020

Folio Review this Sunday with DNEG Build Lead Jon Catapia

hey on my stream this Sunday we will be doing more folio reviews at 1:30pm Pacific time with my friend and co worker Jon Catapia.
Jon is a lead Build TD at DNEG working on such films as Blade Runner 2049, Dune, Pacific Rim and Alita. He is an instructor at Think Tank so he would be a great person to bring on to the stream and give advice to students. He also has solid all round knowledge on all aspects of modelling and texturing.
Below you can find some of his work. 

A folio review is a $5 donation to cover the time of my guest and we do it live on my Twitch stream. There is limited spots and are done on a first come first serve basis. I will be streaming on Saturday 11am Pacific Time so for people that want to come and reserve their spot please swing by the stream and reach out. $5 isn't much to hear from some professionals advice that could potentially be crucial to getting that first job or not. Since we both work in film the folios would be expected to be more towards people trying to break in to the film industry.

My Twitch - 

Below you can find an example of another feedback stream with David Skorepa from ILM