Transformers: The Last Knight

Hotrod - Modelling with Gerald Blaise

Hotrod - Modelling with Gerald Blaise

Crosshairs - Part of Modelling team

Canopy - Part of Modelling Team

Megatron Fusion Cannon - Modelling

Bumblebee Weapons - Modelling
WW2 Hotrod - existing parts from Hotrod asset

I worked on Transformers the Last Knight back at ILM. Working on Transformers always was the goal as a hard surface modeller because it is some of the coolest hard surface work.

I was part of the Hot Rod modelling team with most of the work being done by me and my good friend Gerald Blaise. Some other robot tasks I was on included a detail and refinement pass to Crosshairs and working on Canopy's head. I also did a bunch of weapons including Megatrons Fusion Cannon and all of Bumblebees ww2 weapons. Gerald Blaise built the WW2 Hotrod which came from the base of the Hotrod we made.

To this day Hotrod is still probably my favourite asset I worked on