Guardians of the Galaxy

Rockets Warbird - Part of Modelling Team

Ravager Fleet - Part of Modelling Team

Star Blaster - Part of modelling team

Yondu's Ravager - Part of modelling team

Ravager and Eclector - Part of Modelling Team

Rocket Warbird and Environment for Destruction - Part of Modelling Team

Artstation's new Video Clip feature is so cool. In film we never get to show nice presentation renders of our assets so now being able to upload the clips directly is a nice way to present our work how it was intended.

Guardians of the Galaxy was my most fond memory in the film industry as it was my first film. The film also heavily influenced me to dedicate myself as a hard surface modeller and set the path to where I am today.

Here is a bunch of the assets I was involved in during the 9 months on the project at MPC London.