DesertWorld - Concept Art For Films with Jama Jurabaev

This is my full project I did for Jama Jurabaev's course, Concept Art For Films. I learned so much and really enjoyed the course. Keyframes was what I always struggled with the most but feel a bit more confident now. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to go in to concept. The Theme was Desert world, so I focused on what would be the most valuable resource, water. My world is built around "water harvesters" that raise their large nets to gather moisture from the fog. Something that is actually done today. The opposing faction needs to scavenge off them to survive.

My world is heavily inspired by Butterflies, Spiders and plants. The environment is inspired by a dried up seabed so the cliffs look like coral with abandoned ships among them as the oceans have dried up.

Large thanks to Jama Jurabaev for all his guidance. Also thanks to Swang and David Skorepa who also gave me feedback